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Construction Mecca a leading dental construction company in houston Making medical sessions more pleasant for patients that involves providing them with the right infrastructure. A patient may feel extremely anxious or afraid before going to the dentist or doctor’s office. For this reason, medical offices should be designed to be as welcoming and fun as possible.

The state of art design for office design that makes patients feel more at ease and comfort. we are recognised leader in Dental Construction in Houston that builds you the perfect dental facility. To your specifications, we design, construct, and install components and elements for an ideal dental clinic of your dreams.

a one-stop solution for the dental office construction in Houston and building of dental clinics. With our method, you may manage a dental business while we take care of everything else! A dental office is a more complex kind of structure than others since it has unique needs for specialized equipment, patient flow, privacy protections, supplier relationships, shielding for x-rays, amalgam separators, and patient-pleasant aesthetics. Dentists must rely on a group that is experienced in defending their rights, building it effectively, and letting them focused on their business.

Construction Mecca is a good fit for dental clients since we make building easier for owners who might be too busy to concentrate on a project or who need their office done swiftly and expertly. We serves as the owner’s advocate as a Design/Builder, guiding the through site planning, permits, design, value engineering, and construction. Additionally, establishing a construction budget early on facilitates open communication throughout the building process. Prior to beginning design, we conducts analysis. Then, we use the state of art design to deliver construction services that are prompt, effective, and tidy.

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Construction Mecca is pioneer contractors in houston that will keep your practice open, tidy, and operational while maintaining a flexible schedule and a safe worksite. We can cater for standard precautions, enough space, and asset utilization while scheduling around your working hours. In order for the dentist and their employees to feel comfortable focusing on the clinic, as we will put together a strategy during pre-construction.


Build as per compliance

As a General contractor in Houston Compliance requirements must to be incorporated from the beginning of the dentist office design for optimal results. Construction Mecca can provide complete safety and healthcare compliance for your dental office because we have extensive experience with compliance in dental offices.

Specialized hazardous waste handling methods are required (for blood, saliva, used needles, etc.) This crucial factor should be taken into account while designing the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Air quality and ventilation are of utmost importance that are taken into consideration

Affordable Dental Construction in Houston

Construction management, design, and build for dental offices is our area of expertise. Transitions and the construction of fresh clinics are a breeze thanks to our experience and industry connections. We concentrated heavily on managing the development of dental clinics and healthcare facilities, and once we did that, we were able to expand across the nation as quickly as we could meet demand as we are trusted dental medical office contractors in houston We are quite literally inside and outside experts on dental clinics. The operations run smoothly as long as we are leading the crews.

We Construction Mecca have a wealth of expertise and experience in creating dental facilities and dental office construction in Houston. Call us at (832) 233-9814 or use the form at the bottom of this page if you’d like additional information about our dental construction services,  and get set to begin your dental office development project with exceptional outcomes! Please do check out Our projects Page, You can follow us on our Facebook and Youtube Handles where you can catch up on our latest activities.

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